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Home: Index page with links to the following pages:

Irish School Sales: Mostly late 19th century Irish paintings for sale from stock or on commission.
Modern School Sales: European, Impressionist, American, Latin American and International  paintings for sale.
Old Master Sales: Old Master paintings for sale including early Irish paintings and all other schools.
Tag Sales: Irish, British, European and other paintings with a price tag below 1,500 Euros.

Alfred Sisley: Paintings already sold.
Camille Pissarro: Paintings already sold.
Expressionists: An introduction to Die Brücke and the German Expressionists.
European Gallery :
European, American and other Schools from previous exhibitions.
British Gallery: British paintings from previous exhibitions;
Breton Gallery: Breton paintings from previous exhibitions.
Fernand Legout-Gerard: Paintings from previous exhibitions.
Marie Lucas-Robiquet: Paintings from previous exhibitions.

Irish Art Gallery: Sold paintings by miscellaneous Irish artists from previous exhibitions.
Stanley Pettigrew. Sold paintings.
Walter F. Osborne: Sold paintings.
Paul Henry: Sold paintings.
John Lavery: Sold paintings.
William J. Leech: Sold paintings.
Aloysius O'Kelly: Sold paintings.
Frank O'Meara: Sold paintings.
Nathaniel Hone: Sold paintings.
Augustus Burke: Sold paintings.
Stanhope Forbes: Sold paintings.
Norman Garstin: Sold paintings.
William J. Hennessy: Sold paintings.
Nathaniel Hill: Sold paintings.
Roderic O'Conor  - Biography: An outline of the development of the artist's career.
Roderic O'Conor - In Brittany: An illustrated guide to the artist's career in Brittany.
Roderic O'Conor - In Paris: A guide to O'Conor's work from Paris, mostly interiors.
Roderic O'Conor - Still Life: Still life paintings, mostly from Paris with Breton examples.

Blog: MPFA in-house web log.
Fraud: Log on common fraudulent practices in the art market.

Misattributions: Log on misattributed paintings.
Forgery; Irish: Log exposing activities of forgery trade in the Irish market..
Forgery; European: Log exposing activities of forgery trade in European and other markets.

Expertise: On authentication; conservation and related matters. Agency services for buyers and sellers.
Site Map: This page.
Links: Links to related websites.
Contact: Our details. Please note plain text email addresses on or pages.

Go to the Sales pages on the left menu bar for details of paintings for sale. The Archive pages illustrate paintings we have sold in the past and indicate the type of paintings we are interested in purchasing. Some of the paintings in the archive may be for sale. A link at the bottom of each page takes you back to the top of the page.

Milmo-Penny Fine Art Ltd. issues a written guarantee of authenticity and a condition report with every painting sold.

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Private Dealers in Fine Irish and European Paintings

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