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Milmo-Penny Fine Art Ltd.

E X P E R T I S E  &  A G E N C Y  S E R V I C E S

Thomas Gainsborough: Landscape with figures on a Path

See Old Master Sales.

An important part of our service relates to expertise, authentication and the preparation of conservation reports. Over the last forty years, we have authenticated numerous important paintings. One recent discovery was a painting by Roderic O'Conor, which we authenticated by comparing microscopic details of the painting to autograph examples taken from our database. Analysis also revealed characteristic wet on wet mixing of multiple layers of paint, which established that the painting was executed alla prima, thereby suggesting one single hand at work. Our reports are based on scientific analysis. Whenever necessary, we procure verification from a network of leading laboratories in the the field of pigment analysis and other specialists.

Over the years, we have examined many hundreds of paintings with fake signatures, fake provenances, outright forgeries and paintings that have lost much of their value through injudicious cleaning and restoration. If you have not sought expert advice in building your collection, there is a good possibility that many of your paintings fall into one or more of these categories. Unless you have developed a specialist expertise, you will not be able to identify these faults and, in most cases, they may not come to your attention until you decide to sell. Whether you are buying or selling, privately or at auction, availing of our expertise and agency services will ensure peace of mind and a worthwhile collection.

Recently, we assessed an Impressionist painting on behalf of a client, which was for auction in a New York sale. We discovered that the greater part of the canvas had been repainted by an unknown hand thereby saving our client $1.2 million on a valueless work by an unknown painter. Buying at auction can be fraught with pitfalls and should not be undertaken without independent expert advice. Our experience suggests that condition reports prepared by external experts on behalf of the auction houses have very little value. The main auction houses advise that the services of an independent expert should be employed. The physical condition of a painting is absolutely vital and should be the prime consideration when assessing the desirability of a painting. We amused one of clients recently by explaining to him that the small commission we charge for our expertise relates to the paintings we reject rather than the ones we buy on his behalf.

We offer a fully comprehensive agency service for European buyers in the United States and for American buyers in Europe covering all of the major auction centres. This service includes evaluation, condition report, attendance at auction, packing, shipping and insurance.

Milmo-Penny Fine Art provides a private and highly confidential brokerage service for buyers and sellers of fine paintings with a particular interest in early German Expressionists, Impressionists and Old Masters. The success of our service is based on expertise, transparency and a guarantee of absolute confidentiality.
We have a number of clients who are seeking fine French Impressionist paintings, especially those from the 1870s. Fine examples of later work will also be considered. We have particular requests for early works by Pissarro and Sisley.

Disputes over works of art can be very expensive and can often end up costing more than the value of the painting. We offer an informal and inexpensive arbitration service where both parties agree to be bound by our findings. Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method which is now regarded as a more sensible solution the the traditional law suit. In general terms, the decision of an arbitrator is final and can only be appealed under special circumstances. Depending on the complexities of the dispute, both sides are usually represented by their own legal advisers but this is not an essential requirement.

An alternative and less costly method is mediation and this is often the best approach where the issues under dispute are less complex. Mediation is not binding and consequently, there is no guarantee of a resolution to the dispute. However, it is possible for solicitors on both sides to draw up legally binding documents, which are signed by both sides prior to the mediation process with a view to finding a final resolution.

Common to both procedures is an agreement on all sides to engage actively in the process and to share the costs, which are usually considerably less than court litigation due to the less formal requirements regarding the preparation and presentation of evidence. Either method makes particular sense in areas such as the authenticity of a work of art or a dispute over the physical condition or market value of a painting. Such specialist knowledge is not usually found in the average legal practise. It is also worth remembering that either channel might provide a satisfactory solution even where litigation is underway and well advanced.

Go to the Sales pages on the left menu bar for details of paintings for sale. The Archive pages illustrate paintings we have sold in the past and indicate the type of paintings we are interested in purchasing. Some of the paintings in the archive may be for sale. A link at the bottom of each page takes you back to the top of the page.

Milmo-Penny Fine Art Ltd. issues a written guarantee of authenticity and a condition report with every painting sold.

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Private Dealers in Fine Irish and European Paintings

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